Founder President:
Syed Zakir Ahmed, CEO, ZAK GROUP OF COMPANIES and CHAIRMAN of PEACE - VISION OF ISLAM - the Expo that showcased Islam to the world, utilizes his expertise in managing Islamic Schools successfully. It is his mission, to make available, authentic Islamic knowledge, to all by opening schools of excellence worldwide.

Shaykh R.K.Noor Mohammed, Ph.D., University of Madinah, an inspiring teacher, is recognised for his scholarly research on Hadith Studies. A renowned compiler of a well-structured Arabic and Islamic Studies syllabus for schools, his work has been published by DarusSalam.

Syed Mazhar Ahmed, an architect by profession, firmly advocates sound practical education. He is enthusiastic about using the latest technologies available to provide excellence in the learning process.

Committee Members:
Imtiaz Ahmed, CEO and Founder of Illume Academy, an excellent teacher of Islamic Studies, with his team of young professionals in the work of Da’wah, has brought to a whole young generation of students and working professionals an awareness of, and involvement in this beautiful Deen.

Rahmath Nizar, an expert educationist especially of international academic curricula, strives with all her knowledge and expertise to motivate students to achieve their best, Islamically and academically. A skilful administrator, with her vast experience in the teaching field, believes that the best way to serve this Deen of Allah is to give the young ones of the Ummah the finest education.

Umm Abdul Ahad’s extensively researched compilation of Du’as are eagerly sought after. She is keen on establishing educational institutions to spread beneficial knowledge to all sections of the Ummah.

Parveen Rafiq is an able administrator. She is dedicated to educate and raise a morally upright generation. She devotes her time and effort to serving the Ummah.