About Peace Academy

PEACE ACADEMY is a Secondary 1 and IGCSE Cambridge syllabus study center. Here we strive to instil beautiful values in our students while ensuring that they show the highest academic prowess. Education moulds children’s thoughts and beliefs, therefore, educating them at an early age will enlighten and stimulate their minds to explore the opportunities to excel at an individual’s pace.

This forms the basis of the education offered by Peace Academy, a blend of General Knowledge and Comprehensive Academic Education.

Our ‘work, play and communicate’ program in English and Arabic is geared to develop all-round communication as well as social and problem solving skills. Dedicated and experienced teachers from India and abroad nurture and guide students to reach their potential.

The secure environment at Peace Academy is ideal for students to take pride in their identity.

The educational program at PEACE ACADEMY embodies its VISION and MISSION as follows.

To become the best and leading school in the country

To provide high quality education through the best teaching practices

Curriculum Goals

Prepare our Pupils to be:
  • Technologically & Scientifically abreast
  • Socially responsible & Culturally sensitive
  • Politically aware & influential
  • Economically active & Vibrant
  • Environmentally caring to ensure sustainability
  • Physically fit